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Farm Crew

Full-Time Permanent Position | Day Shift - Weekends as needed

Duties can include:


· Tender seed and fertilizer

· Spreading fertilizer

· Cultivating

· Rock picker/rock rake

· Spraying/cultivating field borders on seed crops

· Irrigation repairs/ maintenance (fixing tires, hoses, gearboxes)

· Maintaining pump sites (mowing weeds, spraying, cleaning filters)

· Packing silage

· Cleaning augers/ combines for seed production crops

Feedlot maintenance/ (Fall/Winter)

· Bedding cattle

· Box scraping pens

· Cleaning/scraping pens (loader/excavator)

· Repairing broken fences/ welding gates

· Feeding hay, cleaning alleys, clearing snow


· Helping with basic maintenance and service including:

· Washing/ painting

· Basic welding

· Oil changes/ greasing/ replacing bearings

· Replacing tires/ building hydraulic hoses

· Light vehicle repairs (breaks, wheel bearings, wiring)

Trucking Class 1 (an asset):

· Hauling silage

· Manure spreading

· Grain off combine


Applicant must possess:

· clean, safe work habits and an ability to work in a team environment.

· Ability to perform heavy lifting and physical labour for extended periods.

· Basic math skills for measuring and calculating quantities.

· Mechanical knowledge to troubleshoot equipment issues.

· Experience operating heavy equipment is preferred.

· Familiarity with hand tools and power tools used in farming operations.

· Strong attention to detail and ability to follow instructions accurately.

· Excellent communication skills and ability to work well in a team environment. Follow instructions from supervisors and work collaboratively with other crew members.


Please note that this position requires working outdoors in various weather conditions year-round.

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