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HR & Safety Administrator

Full-Time Permanent Position | Day Shift - Weekends as needed

Duties can include:

· Employee Handbook Management and Orientation: Assist in creating and updating the employee handbook and conduct orientation sessions for new hires to familiarize them with company policies and procedures.

· Safety Program Maintenance: Initiate and maintain the safety program to ensure a safe working environment for all employees.

· Bamboo Monthly Reports and Updates: Generate monthly reports using Bamboo HR software and ensure all employee data is accurate and up to date.

· Onboarding/Offboarding: Work with new and departing staff with proper HR support, documentation, and processing.

· Training Documentation: Assist in documenting employee training sessions and maintaining training records.

· Resume Sorting and Advertisement Posting: Review incoming resumes, sort them according to job requirements, and assist in posting job advertisements on relevant platforms.

· Incident Reporting and Updating: Manage the incident reporting process and ensure all incidents are properly documented and updated in the HR system.

· Training Calendar Management: Coordinate training sessions and manage the training calendar to ensure all employees receive necessary training.

· Performance Review Tracking and Write-Ups: Assist in tracking employee performance reviews and prepare performance review write- ups for distribution.

· Passwords Update: Manage employee passwords for relevant systems and ensure they are updated regularly for security purposes.

· Document Digitization: Assist in digitizing HR processes using Bamboo HR and SharePoint platforms.

· Job Offer Template Management: Organize, complete, and update job offer templates as needed for new hires.

· LMIA and Temporary Foreign Worker programs: assist with LMIA applications and ensuring compliance for the company with government standards.

· In-House Job Training Tracking and Documentation: Track in-house job training sessions and maintain documentation for future reference.



· Certificate or Diploma in Office Administration or related field preferred.

· Previous experience in HR administration or related role preferred.

· Bamboo HR Experience an asset

· Proficiency in HR software such as Bamboo HR and SharePoint.

· Excellent organizational and time management skills.

· Strong attention to detail and accuracy.

· Effective communication and interpersonal skills.

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